Reinstating the main route south

The Kaikoura earthquake, which occurred two minutes after midnight on 14 November last year, tore apart the land, wrecked roads and bridges, and brought down thousands of slips, some of which blocked State Highway 1, the Inland Kaikoura Road (Route 70) and the Main North Line railway, effectively cutting off all land routes into Kaikoura. READ MORE >>

Sustaining New Zealand’s maritime military operations – By Lynne Richardson

The Royal New Zealand Navy’s prime purpose is to defend New Zealand’s interests at sea, which could be around our coast, within our exclusive economic zone, or overseas. So how does it maintain this state of readiness, and what part does logistics play? A group from the University of Auckland’s Centre for Supply Chain Management, including FTD’s editor, were invited to find out. READ MORE >>

Resilience contests vulnerability in New Zealand’s transport sector – By Iain MacIntyre

Delivering a striking illustration of the huge vulnerability of New Zealand’s transport infrastructure, November’s Kaikoura earthquake just as significantly highlighted the strident resilience of this country’s transport sector in the face of such mammoth events. READ MORE >>

TransNet maximises value of narrow aisles with Aisle-Master forklifts

A move to a brand-new warehouse with extra height and narrower aisles late last year prompted the team at TransNet New Zealand to reconsider their materials handling equipment. Fortunately, Power Forklifts had the perfect solution. READ MORE >>

QuayConnect keeps NZ wine moving post-earthquake

Port Nelson’s QuayConnect service has continued to support New Zealand’s leading wine region in the immediate aftermath and recovery phase following the devastating November earthquake. READ MORE >>

NZ conference provides ideas for maritime policy initiatives – By Dave MacIntyre

Policy-makers from several international countries have left New Zealand armed with food for thought about how their governments’ maritime policies may be shaped, after attending an influential conference in Auckland in December. READ MORE >>

New app assists Ports of Auckland pilots

A new app for Ports of Auckland, introduced late last year, will significantly improve piloting of ships into the harbour, Christchurch-based LWA Solutions chief executive Atta Elayyan says. READ MORE >>

Tony Marriott – “I’m still in logistics, still loving it”

Like many in the logistics industry, Cantabrian Tony Marriott started work as a storeman, working at Meadows Freight at Christchurch Airport in the early 1980s. Today, he’s the general manager of one of New Zealand’s leading providers of moving services within the country and around the world. This is his story. READ MORE >>
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