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Planning ahead – preparing the Pacific for the next natural disaster

In recent years, tropical cyclones, earthquakes and tsunamis have cut a swathe of destruction across the Pacific. Many millions of dollars and tens of thousands of humanitarian aid worker hours have been devoted to recovery efforts. READ MORE >>

Forklift drivers compete for top honours – By Lynne Richardson

Forklift driving is a necessary part of running a distribution centre, and a national competition, supported by Crown Equipment, has recently put 12 of Woolworths NZ’s best operators to the test. READ MORE >>

Online shopping transforming logistics operations

In a few short years – by 2026 – 83% of New Zealanders will be shopping online (up from about 66% now). That boom has already seen New Zealand’s online retail spending rise 10% year on year to June, according to Statistics NZ, but brings with it some major logistical challenges. READ MORE >>

Rail’s future will be customer-led — By Dave MacIntyre

“A renaissance” … “no more begging bowls” … and “an open door to the government” … the optimism for the future of rail is overwhelming, judging by comments at the recent New Zealand Rail 2018 Conference in Auckland. READ MORE >>

Is there going to be a blockchain revolution? – By Jeremy Chapman

One of the most talked-about technologies in supply chain, logistics and shipping today is blockchain. According to almost everything written, it is set to revolutionise our lives and disrupt almost every aspect of our industry. READ MORE >>

Deep thinking - By Nigel Parry

Trucks, trains and ships – they haven’t changed much. But a small number of supply chain academics are pointing their logistical lens at what we’re doing, what could go wrong, and what we need to be thinking about. Nigel Parry spoke to two of them. READ MORE >>

New mooring investment improves safety

Eastland Port has invested $1 million in new technology to reduce wharf-side vessel movement, helping to ensure the safety of linesmen, shore personnel, the vessel, and the port itself. READ MORE >>

Bruce Wooller – “I suspect my next career change is not far away”

Bruce Wooller describes his varied logistics career in and out of the defence forces and in several countries around the world as a life of continuous change, lived at a fast pace, with no boredom and being inspired. This is his story. READ MORE >>
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