Editorial – December’19 / January’20

If two recent sets of industry awards are anything to go by, a growing number of women are making their mark in our transport and logistics businesses, with several young female professionals being recognised for their achievements.

Editorial – October / November’19

At the recent Supply Chain Symposium in Auckland, registered psychologist Bridget Jelley laid bare some hard-hitting truths regarding workplace health and safety – and she wasn’t talking about physical harm.

Editorial – August / September’19

On 20 July, the world marked the 50th anniversary of one of mankind’s greatest achievements – putting a man on the moon.

Editorial – June / July’19

The humble barcode has come a long way since it first appeared on a pack of Wrigley’s chewing gum. Today there’s a wealth of information behind the lines and numbers – and the next stage in its evolution is here.