Editorial – August / September’20

This edition of FTD marks a number of milestones, including the magazine’s 35th anniversary, which is a lifetime in the world of publishing. Editor Lynne Richardson recalls her first days on the job and looks back on 15 years of being at the helm.

Site and facility traffic management – By Keith Robinson

In this, the last of a three-part series of articles on site safety and traffic management, Keith Robinson looks at the issue in relation to trucks, worksites and facilities.

New guide for boards for managing a crisis

Conversations with a dozen experienced New Zealand and Australian chairs, board members and chief executives has revealed six key themes that boards should consider in a crisis.

Editorial – June / July’20

Just two months ago I wrote in this column (April/May) that much of the information within the magazine’s pages would be out of date by the time it landed in readers’ mailboxes. In the last eight weeks the entire world has changed.

Traffic management and forklifts – By Keith Robinson

In this, the second of a three-part series of articles on site safety and traffic management, Keith Robinson turns his attention to forklifts and the challenges they create when it comes to keeping workers and site visitors safe.

Packaging up the position – courier driver successfully challenges worker status– By Gillian Service

In early May the Employment Court issued a decision confirming that a courier driver operating as an independent contractor was in fact and in law an employee of the courier company.

Editorial – April / May’20

By the time you read this edition of FTD, most of the information will probably be out of date. That’s because of the coronavirus pandemic – and the situation regarding the movement of people and goods across borders is changing daily.

Site and facility traffic management – By Keith Robinson

According to WorkSafe NZ, traffic management was a factor in 14% of fatal work-related vehicle accidents between 2013 and 2017, mostly involving pedestrians and heavy vehicles or equipment. In this, the first of a series of articles on traffic management, we look at sites and facilities.

Food, supply chains and the effects of coronavirus –
By Dr Helen Darling

The current grip of the Covid-19 coronavirus on the world reinforces many things – one of the most significant is our reliance on other nations for trade and, specifically, the reliance on transportation systems to move manufactured goods, food and ingredients around the globe.