Editorial – October / November 2017

It never ceases to amaze me where logistics graduates end up working, and the incredible diversity of businesses that require supply chain management.

Editorial – August / September 2017

News that the Manawatu Gorge may be permanently closed is a major setback for logistics and freight transport operators in the lower North Island.

Editorial – June / July 2017

Investing in security systems used to mean CCTV, electric-wire fences or even just a hefty padlock, but with businesses moving to cloud-based data storage and operating systems, it was inevitable that modern-day criminals would shift there too.

The carriage of goods by sea – the legal framework –
By Chris Dann

The carriage of goods by sea – whether domestically or internationally – is governed by a mandatory regime that makes carriers liable for loss or damage regardless of fault in return for a right to limit their liability.