Editorial – June / July 2017

Investing in security systems used to mean CCTV, electric-wire fences or even just a hefty padlock, but with businesses moving to cloud-based data storage and operating systems, it was inevitable that modern-day criminals would shift there too.

Editorial – April / May 2017

So you thought a blockchain was one of those annoying mechanical components on a bike that frequently break down or need fixing? Think again …

Editorial – February / March 2017

The Kaikoura earthquake graphically demonstrated how vulnerable our transport networks are to natural disasters, and while the infrastructure might be fragile in the face of an earthquake, the people who operate our transport links are resilient.

The carriage of goods by sea – the legal framework –
By Chris Dann

The carriage of goods by sea – whether domestically or internationally – is governed by a mandatory regime that makes carriers liable for loss or damage regardless of fault in return for a right to limit their liability.