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Rocket Lab, whose first rocket was successfully launched early this year, is recruiting for logistics and supply chain personnel – Photo courtesy of Rocket Lab

Editorial – August / September 2018

Logistics team leader wanted, manufacturing sector. Five-plus years’ previous relevant logistics experience, a can-do attitude, open to learning with good organisational skills and a hands-on approach. Sounds like you? Apply now.

This job description could apply to just about any organisation in New Zealand involved in manufacturing, but this vacancy is not what you might think. The company says its supply chain function is growing rapidly, and the logistics lead position has been newly created to further build capability in this area. 

It’s described as a “great opportunity to join one of New Zealand’s most exciting organisations” and offers individuals the chance to be challenged daily whilst providing “a fantastic service to a wide range of internal stakeholders”. Air New Zealand perhaps? Fonterra? Perhaps one of the major ports, or one of our defence forces? Keep guessing.

The newly appointed person will lead a team responsible for shipping, freight forwarding, inwards goods, stores and warehousing across New Zealand and the US. Thousands of components are used in the company’s products that come from local suppliers and all over the world, and the new role will lead a team that ensures that these components are at the right place at the right time. 

Sounds like your standard supply chain manager’s position, right? Managing goods from point A to point B? The next function might just give it away: your team will also be responsible for running an efficient and reliable flight store, managing the re-ordering of consumables and the preparation of part kits for production.

When Point A is Auckland and Point B is outer space, you realise this isn’t your average supply chain, and it’s not just any old company. It’s Rocket Lab – and yes, they’re recruiting logisticians, procurement personnel and supply chain managers. 

Regular FTD writer Nigel Parry gained an insight into their exciting supply chain for an article in this edition of FTD – and yes, that job is still open!

Until next time …
Lynne Richardson, editor


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