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What does Fifty Shades of Grey have to do with logistics businesses? Even adult toys have to be stored and distributed from somewhere

Editorial – October / November 2017

It never ceases to amaze me where logistics graduates end up working, and the incredible diversity of businesses that require supply chain management.

Like many of her peers, my 21-year-old daughter is struggling to turn what she enjoyed at school into something that will kick-start her career. She’s tried a couple of courses at university, but nothing has really pushed her buttons. 

Thinking she might enjoy the challenge of logistics, I tried to explain the industry to her, using her breakfast cereal as an example and how that got to the supermarket from the Kellogg’s factory in Australia. Then the courier turned up at the door, and we talked about how her parcel, ordered online via Amazon, was tracked through the supply chain. I brought up the tracking number and we looked up the path the parcel had taken across the US with FedEx from the producer to the YouShop warehouse. She was intrigued.

We then got onto talking about the range of businesses that have a supply chain, and how it’s not just food and fancy goods that involve freight transport and logistics management. I gave her some back issues of FTD to read, drawing her attention to the stories we’ve been running on people that have leveraged a qualification in logistics to become highly skilled and respected managers for a very wide variety of organisations.

The ‘beyond graduation’ stories are some of my favourites in FTD. In all the years we’ve been running them, no two have been exactly the same, which is testament to the value of logistics behind the scenes for so many product and service providers.

And just to prove there is no limit to the types of businesses that require logistics expertise, in this edition one of our regular writers, Nigel Parry, talks to the owners of New Zealand’s largest online retailer of adult toys, where packaging is key and discretion is paramount. This might be the one and only time you get to read about gold-plated vibrators in FTD! 

Until next time …
Lynne Richardson, editor


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