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Images are captured by Nearmap’s patented camera system fitted to lightweight aircraft and then ‘stitched’ together into seamless digital maps – Photos courtesy of Nearmap

Aerial imagery innovator Nearmap launches in New Zealand

For the first time ever, Kiwi businesses can now access current high-resolution aerial imagery and location data on demand, without having to invest in expensive drones and cameras of their own.


Tech innovator Nearmap has launched its aerial imagery service in New Zealand, providing Kiwi businesses with access to superior-quality aerial maps of the country’s major cities. The unparalleled high-definition imagery and frequency of capture will, for the first time, enable businesses to view and inspect what’s on the ground in incredible detail, remotely and easily on a web browser. 

Nearmap is a leader in the provision of geospatial mapping technology. It regularly captures high-resolution aerial images of New Zealand’s major urban and regional centres, and makes these available to businesses through a simple cloud-based subscription. 

Shane Preston, Nearmap executive VP of sales for Australasia, says the service is ideal for the hundreds of thousands of Kiwi businesses in engineering, architecture, construction, utilities, government, council and beyond that regularly conduct physical site visits. “Nearmap will transform how they work, allowing them to virtually view locations. A historical library of content dating back to January 2017 also means businesses can monitor changing conditions of New Zealand’s cities,” he says. 

“Image quality is consistently captured at 7.5 cm GSD [a GSD, or ground sampling distance, of 7.5 cm means that one pixel in the image represents 7.5 cm on the ground] or higher for the sharpest aerial maps on the market, and is the most current available, ensuring businesses are working with the latest information of what’s on the ground. All this will help companies save time, reduce costs, increase productivity, and make more informed decisions.”

Seamless digital maps

Images are captured by Nearmap’s patented camera system fitted to lightweight aircraft that fly over New Zealand’s urban centres. Images are later ‘stitched’ together into seamless digital maps and published online for subscribers to explore within weeks of capture. 

Nearmap has already captured 72% of New Zealand’s economic activity, with Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch last updated in May. Nearmap’s web-based application, MapBrowser, which includes measurement tools such as line, area and radius, as well as select location data content specific to New Zealand, is available to businesses of all sizes on a subscription basis. Nearmap’s imagery can also be easily integrated into applications such as ArcGIS Online and CAD.

“As New Zealand prepares for its growing population, access to high-res aerial imagery will be invaluable to all businesses involved at every stage of the building development lifecycle, from planning to construction and management,” notes Mr Preston.

“Nearmap is a massive game-changer for New Zealand companies. We’ve spoken with many businesses on the ground who have an immediate need to access high-quality aerial maps that are current and easily accessible. There is nothing like Nearmap available right now, and we can’t wait to help Kiwi businesses streamline workflows and make better informed decisions.”

Rob Newman, Nearmap CEO and managing director, says: “Our technology truly transforms the way businesses work. Launching our dedicated New Zealand product is a big milestone for us. We’ve seen strong uptake of Nearmap in both Australia and the United States, and expect to see similar success in New Zealand. We constantly invest in our technology and will be adding further capabilities to the New Zealand product in the near future.”

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