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Cohesio Group’s tech solutions have evolved from voice and mobility through to autonomous mobile robots

Cohesio Group becomes Körber Supply Chain

In a move that will see some of the world’s top supply chain technology solution providers unify to become one united entity, international technology group Körber has formed a new global brand called Körber Supply Chain.

Körber Supply Chain is set to reinforce the combined capabilities of its eleven strategic companies and conquer supply chain complexity globally. Together, this new unified brand will lead the way for the future of global supply chain technology, and will be unique in providing a vision for a diverse range of capabilities spanning software, automation, voice, robotics and materials handling.

Cohesio Group and HighJump, along with the rest of their eleven sibling companies Aberle, Aberle Software, Cirrus Logistics, Consoveyo, DMLogic, Inconso, Otimis, Langhammer, Riantics and Voiteq, will become Körber Supply Chain as part of this global rebrand.

This move goes beyond a new name and a rebrand. Körber Supply Chain will boast the combined experience of their 2300 in-house professionals and nearly 100 strategic partners across the world dedicated to advancing supply chains.

One unified brand

Nishan Wijemanne, CEO of Cohesio Group, says the unified brand will mean a great deal to the supply chain industry in Australia and New Zealand.

“Cohesio Group and HighJump, two of Körber’s prominent tech providers in Australia and New Zealand, have been at the forefront of delivering innovative solutions and expertise. In September 2019, Cohesio was acquired by Körber Group. This strategic acquisition has helped us accelerate to our next phase of growth and continue pushing the boundaries of what our people can deliver in the supply chain tech space,” he says.

“We have never stood still. Our team is uniquely suited to creating and delivering tailored supply chain technology and we have continued delivering transformative projects across warehousing, logistics and retail.

“Our tech solutions have evolved from voice and mobility through to new-generation Android voice and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), offering a suite of enterprise-grade solutions that now tick the boxes of ease, rapid deployment, user readiness and cost-effectiveness. They are topped with our support, solution-design and consultation capabilities for the best possible workflow optimisations,” he adds.

“Our fundamental principles of flexibility and agility have enabled us to adapt and grow, and we have now grown to become one of Asia Pacific’s leading automation and technology providers in the logistics and distribution space.”

Emerging technologies to the forefront

Cohesio works with some of the region’s top brands, including Kmart, Linfox, Wesfarmers, Cotton On Group, Mainfreight, Freightways and Goodman Fielder, and partners with several others to bring emerging technologies to the forefront. 

AMR was one such goods-to-person automation solution that Cohesio successfully pioneered in Australia and New Zealand in 2018, and they have since completed numerous AMR projects across Asia Pacific, as well as developed an in-house competency in scoping, designing and delivering a wide range of AMR solutions.

“Pairing this flexibility and integrity with our people-first culture makes what the Cohesio team do near impossible to replicate. Our team of specialists are integral to everything we do here because they evolve with our enterprise values,” says Mr Wijemanne.

“We will always stay true to these values. But to be the best we can possibly be, we need to continue breaking the glass ceiling that holds back innovation and the delivery of new ideas, bringing new expertise and an even wider range of capabilities and experts to our supply chain industry. This is why Cohesio is welcoming the global rebrand and a unified Körber Supply Chain with excitement.

“This was by far the most logical step for Cohesio after the acquisition to ensure that we are offering the best of our combined enterprise-grade solutions, capabilities and expertise to conquer supply chain complexity, together.”

An important ingredient

Cohesio and HighJump’s synergies commenced well prior to Cohesio becoming a sibling of HighJump under the same parent company. Mr Wijemanne says HighJump’s presence in the Asia Pacific market, along with their success rate, is an important ingredient in the new unified brand that they are both about to embrace. 

HighJump is a leading international provider of supply chain management software and cloud solutions, and became a part of Körber’s ecosystem via acquisition in August 2017. This acquisition enabled Körber to have a stronger worldwide foothold for advanced supply chain software platform and enabled its competencies to expand beyond the US to Asia Pacific and Latin America as well.

Both Cohesio and HighJump will continue and expand under the Körber Supply Chain brand, says Mr Wijemanne, and customers will undoubtedly benefit from the range of new ideas and combined stack of technologies that this unified brand will bring.

“Our people will continue to come up with the new ideas that make us the market leader in this space, and this transition to Körber Supply Chain gives us the further opportunity to develop those ideas, along with access to even more experts across the entire supply chain spectrum.

“We will power ahead with our people and our continuous delivery of tried and tested as well as innovative and exciting tech solutions. We will conquer supply chain complexity, together,” Mr Wijemanne concludes. 

“While we take these steps, there will be no change for our customers or for our people. We will continue delivering on our values and continue our commitment to transforming this region’s supply chain industry. With even more access to industry-leading expertise and innovation, we can’t wait to explore new possibilities with you and your businesses.”

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