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The new software update from Dematic directs grocery order pickers to empty aisles, ensuring their safety at a time when social distancing is a necessity

Dematic helps leading grocer respond to Covid-19 with software that enables social distancing

Demand for online grocery has reached unprecedented heights due to Covid-19 as people everywhere adhere to social distancing directives, with e-grocery site visits up 146% from just February to March 2020.


In direct response, Dematic has quickly developed a dedicated software update for a leading grocery customer, empowering them to continue addressing online demand surges while ensuring critical safety measures for its frontline workers.

The software update was developed by Dematic software engineers and it took the team only a day to create the update and less than three days to implement it across the grocer’s entire network.

“Dematic has always been focused on helping our customers respond quickly to critical business challenges – it’s at the core of what we do,” says Hasan Dandashly, CEO, Dematic. “Now, given the coronavirus pandemic, it’s even more critical. 

“Our customers’ employees are no longer simply order pickers, grocery retail workers and cashiers, but frontline workers. It is our duty as a business partner to provide creative solutions that make order fulfilment not just easier and faster, but safer. This quick software update is the most recent example of how we take this role seriously with each project and with every customer.”

Social distancing when order picking

Dematic is renowned as an intralogistics innovator that designs, builds and supports intelligent, automated solutions for manufacturing, warehouse and distribution environments for customers that are powering the future of commerce. 

Here’s how the new software update works: when a picker is assigned an order, the software indicates the aisles that contain the items. This is standard. But now the operator can indicate that an aisle or bay is already occupied so the picker can move quickly to an open aisle, which helps ensure proper social distances. 

In addition to employee safety, the update also improves efficiency, with pickers no longer having to wait for aisles or areas to clear.

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