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In 1937, Demetrius Comino’s slotted angle storage solution offered complete shelving flexibility and improved utilisation of available space

Dexion celebrates 80 years
of smarter thinking

With a tradition of over 80 years of excellence and innovation, Dexion solves the materials handling challenges for a diverse range of customers from the office through to the warehouse.

In 1937, Demetrius Comino singlehandedly reimagined the materials handling and logistics industry by inventing slotted angle. This ingenious storage innovation offered complete shelving flexibility and improved utilisation of available space.

From the smallest corner shop to the largest international company, every manufacturing and distributing organisation needs to both store and move materials. Demetrius’s ideas not only shaped an entire industry, but founded what has become the largest manufacturer of pallet racking in the Asia Pacific region over the past 
80 years.

Demetrius had a strong vision for the future of Dexion: “Dexion will be leaders, not followers, in industry. To stay leaders we cannot wait to be forced by circumstances to do whatever has to be done: we must learn to look deeply into what is happening and do things and make changes well before we are forced to make them.”


Dexion’s commitment to innovation has ensured it remains at the forefront in warehouse evolution, recognising changing business patterns and developing storage solutions that set the standard in global best practice.

For its 80th anniversary, the company and its staff are proudly looking back at some of the Australasian milestones that have made Dexion the warehousing powerhouse it is today. In 1947, Hamilton Perry was the first to be licensed to distribute Dexion in New Zealand. The first Coles distribution centres (DCs) in Australia were built in the 1980s, followed by DCs for Woolworths and Arnott’s in the 1990s, and Kimberley Clark and Kellogg’s, plus Fonterra in New Zealand, in the early 2000s. 

Dexion New Zealand was established in 2007 with the purchase of Hamilton Perry and Capitol Racking, and in 2010 Sistema NZ chose Dexion for New Zealand’s most advanced and integrated warehouse system.

From hardware to high-tech

Fast forward 80 years to the recent acquisition of Dexion by Tech-Link Storage Engineering of Singapore which sees two strong organisations sharing a common vision.

Tech-Link founder Mr Tan Hock Seng started his career selling pallet racking almost 40 years ago and has grown Tech-Link from a small importer and distributor of storage equipment into a large and successful international manufacturer and storage solutions provider.

Today, Tech-Link can now boast two key divisions: Ssinolog Properties, a real estate platform focused on logistics and industrial property development in Singapore and China, with a portfolio of over 10 million sq ft (930,000 sq m) of completed properties and properties under development. The other division is the Dexion Group. The synergies between the two could not be stronger.

To acquire Dexion was the achievement of a long-held dream of Mr Tan Hock Seng. Upon finalising the acquisition, he stated, “In the tradition of its entrepreneurial founder Mr Comino, Dexion continues to put engineering innovation at the centre of its business. The Dexion/Tech-Link family now provides its clients with a truly complete solution, from property development to smarter thinking logistics and commercial storage solutions.

“Dexion is the pinnacle of quality, innovation and safety within this industry, which is why I wanted it so much. Dexion clients will benefit from the collective strength of the two organisations. We are stronger than ever before and there is much more to come.”

For further information, visit www.dexion.co.nz

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