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Christchurch is one of the pioneering supporters of Yoogo Share, a company that gives consumers and businesses the opportunity to use EVs

Electrifying your fleet – why the initial investment is worth it

A potential barrier to the cost of shifting your vehicle fleet to electric is the upfront investment. However, electric vehicles (EVs) comparatively are not actually that much more expensive.


Fast-rising petrol costs are making EV fleet ownership much more competitive. Experts are saying that EVs will also hold their value much better than an ICE (internal combustion engine) vehicle and therefore won’t need to be changed out every three years, as is the traditional fleet ownership model, therefore providing a better return on investment.

According to Flip the Fleet, a community project that aims to accelerate the uptake of EVs in New Zealand, the annual maintenance cost of a Nissan LEAF is only 13% of the equivalent ICE vehicle. This calculation includes the cost of replacing tyres, but not an allowance for the eventual need to replace the battery.

Increasingly, organisations like Christchurch City Council are moving toward a car-sharing or leasing model to avoid initial investment barriers. Christchurch is one of the pioneering supporters of Yoogo Share, a company that gives consumers and businesses the opportunity to use EVs, like the i3 and Ioniq, when they need it, for as long as they need it, without the maintenance and initial purchase costs.

The benefits of EVs extend beyond the cost savings; they are invaluable as part of branding, sustainability for the environment, and have links to employee satisfaction.

Civil engineering company Dempsey Wood has added three EVs (two Nissan LEAFs and a Nissan e-NV200 van) to its fleet, as well as installing two rapid charge points at its Penrose depot

EVworld South is coming

EVworld NZ has had two successful events in Auckland, helping fleet managers understand EVs in their entirety, and now will feature in Christchurch for the first time at the Air Force Museum at Wigram on 23–24 November.

The EVworld South expo and seminars provide insight into the EV curious and potential EV fleet owners with a comprehensive show and engaging seminar programme. The seminars will feature sessions such as benefits to electrifying your fleet, how to get EECA funding, residual value and total cost of ownership, and car sharing.

The show will feature all kinds of EVs – from electric trucks, passenger EVs, right through to e-scooters and e-bikes. Also featuring will be infrastructure such as charging and EVSE (electric vehicle supply equipment), and energy companies will be present to discuss power and pricing plans for EV owners and fleets. And don’t miss the opportunity to do test-drives outside in a range of EVs.

EVworld South is free to attend – register online now.

For further information, or to register for EVworld South, visit evworld.nz/south 

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