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ChargeNet NZ is currently installing a nationwide network of rapid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles and welcomes the launch of EVRoam

EVRoam launched – safe, reliable information for EV charging

EVRoam, a real-time database of public charging infrastructure launched by Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter in mid-July, provides one view of a safe, reliable and interoperable public charging network for electric vehicles (EVs) in New Zealand.


The NZ Transport Agency’s director safety and environment, Harry Wilson, says EVRoam has been created to provide reliable information about safe and reliable public charging locations around New Zealand. “This makes it easy for EV drivers to plan their journeys, and gives people more choice,” Mr Wilson says. 

EVRoam collects data directly from all of New Zealand’s EV charging infrastructure providers, such as ChargeNet and Vector, and freely distributes it to a wide range of existing websites, apps and maps, such as the NZTA’s website, the NZ Automobile Association website and TomTom. 

“Charging infrastructure is no longer isolated in single-purpose apps, but is now widely available for third parties to use as a ‘single source of truth’ for New Zealand public charging infrastructure. This has been made possible by a collaborative effort across energy and automotive partners,” Mr Wilson says. 

“In this respect, it is a world first, helping New Zealand transition towards a low-emission transport future. This collaboration is a credit to our energy industry, already world renowned for its over 80% renewable profile.”

Shared vision

Mr Wilson says that through a shared vision for a low-carbon future for New Zealand, one view of a safe, reliable and interoperable public charging network has been achieved – something that other countries have had to regulate.

“From a NZ Transport Agency perspective, understanding where we have charging infrastructure helps us identify potential gaps, so we can continue to work together to ensure the transport system and technology respond to the needs of EV customers all over the country.”

ChargeNet, the largest EV fast-charging network infrastructure provider in the Southern Hemisphere, is delighted to have played a part in helping to bring EVRoam to life. CEO Steve West sees the enormous benefits that this newly-launched software provides to EV owners. “When ChargeNet was founded, it was done so with the primary goal of increasing the uptake of EVs by providing a reliable, nationwide charging network. EVRoam supports us to this end by finally providing drivers with reliable, real-time information about charging locations across the country,” he says.

“This stops the need for consumers to rely on potentially unreliable crowd-sourced information, which means a better consumer experience for our customers. Being able to access information about the chargers – where they are, what makes and models they support, and whether they’re operational or not, makes it easy for EV owners to plan their journeys and helps to remove range anxiety,” he adds.

Interoperable infrastructure

Importantly, EVRoam not only provides information to drivers, it also provides a real incentive to continue to meet the standards for safe, reliable, monitored and interoperable infrastructure, Mr West says.

“The standard that EVRoam is setting is that our nationwide charging network should be smart, and monitored for reliability by operators. We know how important reliability is to our customers. Smart, monitored chargers allow us to let drivers know they can arrive at a station they can use.”

Mr West also notes that collaboration is crucial to the development of the EV industry. “We are delighted to have joined with a number of future-focused organisations to bring to life this world-leading software and help transition New Zealand towards a carbon-neutral transport future.”

For further information, visit www.nzta.govt.nz/evroam

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