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Cohesio Group is ready to step up to the next level with Körber AG

Exciting road ahead for Cohesio as Körber AG acquires a majority stake

International technology group Körber AG has strengthened its Business Area Logistics Systems division by acquiring a majority stake in Cohesio Group.

Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, Cohesio Group is a leading integrator of voice-directed and autonomous mobile robotics (AMR) solutions for logistics. The acquisition by Körber AG was completed effective 20 September 2019.

Körber AG is a multinational conglomerate with significant enterprise exposure through Europe and the US. The last 18–24 months have seen the Körber Logistics Systems division expand rapidly, merging with similarly innovative businesses, ready to take the next step in various sectors.

Doing things the right way

Nishan Wijemanne, CEO of Cohesio Group, says: “Körber’s leadership team approached me just over a year ago, proposing a majority stake in Cohesio. We have received such offers from many large businesses over the years, but we knew that Körber’s approach was different. 

“Aside from their enviable position in the global market, they have an X factor – a commitment to doing things the right way. With each interaction it became clearer that with Körber’s help, their team and portfolio of solutions, Cohesio could become the biggest player in the Asia Pacific (APAC) logistics market.”

Stephan Seifert, chairman of the group executive board at Körber AG, says: “With Cohesio, we are underpinning our claim to ‘market leadership through technology leadership’ in the future-oriented fields of voice and robot technology. We are also expanding our presence in the particularly fast-growing markets of the APAC region, where we are able to inspire and support our customers with the best products and solutions for the supply chain.”

Dirk Hejnal, CEO of Körber Business Area Logistics Systems, adds: “With its broad, technology-oriented product and service portfolio, Cohesio is an ideal fit for us and our growth ambitions. By adding Cohesio, we are in an even stronger position to offer customers the right supply chain technologies and to service them on a global level. The Cohesio team are characterised by entrepreneurship, years of experience with logistics technologies, and a history of good partnerships with their customers.”

Making the right move

Mr Wijemanne says Cohesio stands apart in the logistics space because they are uniquely suited to creating and delivering tailored supply chain technology. “We have worked across numerous sectors, from warehousing to logistics to retail, and each of our engagements has offered us something new to learn from. This has helped us design a more flexible approach to operational processes, which in turn has made it easier for us to adapt and grow with every customer win,” he notes.

“Pairing this flexibility and integrity with a people-first culture makes what the Cohesio team do near-impossible to replicate. Our team of specialists are integral to everything we do because they evolve with our enterprise values. It makes it easy for me to ensure that our unique work approach remains the same.”

The acquisition will not change Cohesio’s approach to business, adds Mr Wijemanne. “We will always stay true to our values. But to be the best we possibly can be, we need to continue breaking the glass ceiling that holds back innovation – new ideas, new expertise, new capital. That’s why we have taken this exciting new step. By joining with Körber AG, we will become part of a leading global brand that will help Cohesio step beyond our boundaries and fulfil new potential.”

Multiple benefits

Working with Körber’s pool of talent and expertise, Cohesio expects to benefit in a number of ways. With its global reach and experience in supporting various supply chain structures, Cohesio can leverage the Körber brand to support new ventures and technology developments.

“Aligning with Körber AG will add significant working capital to operations. Further, their backing means that we can focus on delivering the right solutions for our customers,” says Mr Wijemanne. “Körber Logistics Systems encompasses some of the most innovative and advanced businesses operating in the market today. We will now be able to extend current business alliances while also leveraging new partnerships.”

He says Körber AG will also give Cohesio access to compliance and quality assurance frameworks normally only used by corporations, giving them a major advantage over competitors. 

“But most importantly, nothing will change,” adds Mr Wijemanne. “Körber AG has expressed full faith in our technologies, processes and people as being the best opportunity to excel in APAC. We will remain the same business, investing in people, with the same nimble approach. I am confident that the only thing that will change for us is that we will be bigger, more connected, and benefit from new ideas and governance structures that will take us to the next level.”

Stepping up to the next level

Körber has global experience, but this will be their first foray into the APAC market for voice, mobility and AMR solutions where Cohesio maintains a stronghold. “That makes it strategically important for us to lead Körber AG in the early days. We know the market, have the connections and understand how best to operate,” says Mr Wijemanne. 

“Additionally, our people-focused approach and innovation-led values that drive us to introduce market-leading solutions to APAC was what attracted Körber AG to us in the first place and will remain central to our journey ahead.

“While this decision was by no means easy, and couldn’t have happened at any time with anyone, I truly believe that now is the perfect time for Cohesio to step up to the next level. And we couldn’t think of an organisation more suitable to align with than Körber AG. This is not the end of a journey. It’s the beginning of a new one.”

For further information, visit www.cohesiogroup.com

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