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The co-located Freight Futures 2030 and Fleet Safety conferences will be held over 24–25 June 2019 at the Grand Millennium, Auckland

Forward focus – business and technology advancements for freight and fleet

The face of and the way the freight, logistics and fleet management industries operate will need to change dramatically in the coming decades.

On the environmental side of things, with the government committed to making New Zealand a carbon-neutral economy by 2050, new investment needs to be made in more environmentally friendly vehicle technologies, whether it be low-sulphur fuels, hydrogen fuel cell (HFC) and electric vehicle (EV) technologies, or in research into other alternative fuels. 

On the business and employment sides of things, new and sustainable ways of doing business need to be found to ensure success in this period of low margins while also ensuring that workforce shortage concerns are addressed in a meaningful manner. 

On the technology side of things, a discussion needs to be had around how far the sectors can realistically go with regards to the implementation of smart and autonomous technologies before issues arise around safety and the cost of implementation.

Safety first

New Zealand has also seen a growth in measures that aid safety for the fleet that transports freight across the country. From the NZ Transport Agency’s Weigh Right programme that measures the load on trucks across several ‘weigh sites’ throughout the country, to numerous technology-focused companies that have developed intelligent software or cameras to monitor things such as driver fatigue and keep track of the location of their fleet and more, fleet safety has created itself as an important place in such discussions. 

Not only does this affect the freight and supply chain industries, but the implications can also be applied to light vehicle fleets that are operated by smaller, often business-to-business focused companies. 

On the angle of health and safety: whilst driver fatigue is a major contributor to road crashes, there is also the health and safety of the wider team that needs to be considered. What measures are in play? How can a safe workplace culture be created? Are fleet drivers in organisations more likely to take risks because they do not own the vehicle? 

There is a great responsibility for management with such matters; understanding what the implications are when health and safety is breached is mandatory.

Freight Futures and Fleet Safety

At the upcoming and co-located Freight Futures 2030 and Fleet Safety conferences – to be held over 24–25 June 2019 at the Grand Millennium, Auckland – these concerns and more will be discussed in detail.

A highlight of these events will be a closing address from the New Zealand Defence Force, who, in order to share their knowledge on efficiency and logistics expertise with the business sector, will tell their story about ‘The Art of Movement – from factory to foxhole’, in particular covering how they have successfully transported people, cargo and freight, at times on their own and at times in partnership with their valued commercial partners. 

These transport and logistics operations have involved movements around New Zealand and around the globe, often under great time, geographic and safety pressures, in response to calls for natural disaster relief and humanitarian aid, or during combat operations far from home. We can learn from them how an organisation can successfully deliver significant freight and logistics operations where short notice and extreme time and environmental constraints prevail.

The co-located Freight Futures 2030 and Fleet Safety conferences offer sessions from a plethora of presentations, case studies and panel discussions from leading industry experts in the fields of logistics, supply chain, fleet management and the shipping and freight sectors. 

By registering for one conference, you will also be entitled to attend sessions at the other conference. This will enable delegates to make the most of the two days and tailor their conference experience as they see fit. 

For further information, visit www.conferenz.co.nz

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