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Bee enthusiast and technologist Erik Bast (right), the co-founder of Bee Intelligence, talks to a beekeeper

Logistics startups ready to take on the challenge of going global

Eleven promising startups from throughout New Zealand have graduated from the Sprint Global programme run by ecentre, the business incubator hosted at Massey University, with supply chain management and logistics startups featuring strongly.

Sprint Global takes startups with a validated business model and initial customers, and works with them to accelerate customer acquisition and nurture their global ambitions. 

“We’re thrilled to see our second cohort graduate from Sprint Global this year, ready to take on the challenge of going global,” says Jackie Young, CEO of ecentre. “By giving founders access to mentors, sector experts, investors and other resources in the startup ecosystem, we’ve helped seed the next wave of startup success stories. We’re looking forward to showcasing these dynamic founders who are fuelling New Zealand’s startup ecosystem.”

Sprint Global 2019 graduates include four startups with a supply chain management and logistics link.

Bee Intelligence 

Bee Intelligence (www.bee-intelligence.com) enables precision apiculture from hive to jar by empowering apiculturists across the entire value chain to get the most out of their operations with technology and data analysis. Their suite of technology includes sensors, smartphone apps and web-based dashboards, all combined in the BeeApp package. 

BeeApp is a simple, robust and comprehensive SaaS (software as a service) platform that helps commercial beekeepers, queen bee breeders, and honey extraction companies to manage costs, track assets, minimise risks, drive efficiencies and optimise their businesses.

Guardian Angel Security 

Guardian Angel Security’s founder and CEO, Petra Hakansson

Guardian Angel Security (www.guardianangelsecurity.co.nz) provides lone worker hardware/software safety solutions to staff working alone in high-risk or remote locations, including those in logistics and supply chain management. Their connectivity, monitoring and response solutions combine best-of-breed duress devices, including wearable GPS and cellular panic buttons, integrated via API (application programming interface) to their response software connected to a 24/7 monitoring centre – with specialist end-user training and support also provided. 

Solutions circumvent the emergency number process to speed up an emergency response for mobile workers working alone or remotely, for situations including sudden-onset injury or illness, road accidents, violence or vehicle failure.

Guardian Angel Security’s solutions also help employers meet health and safety law changes which require an alternative method of communication for staff outside of cellular coverage.  


Andrea Watson, Sparrows founder and CEO

Sparrows (www.sparrows.io) is a hardware and software solution that connects growers, distributors and freight forwarders on the same platform to enable tracking and monitoring of freight for supply chain and logistics insights. 

Customers are demanding visibility for their products as they move through the supply chain to reduce stock loss and food wastage. Sparrows provides alerts on temperature, location and stoppages to create action and keep customers informed. 


Adrian Wills, founder and CEO of Trickle

Trickle (www.trkl.co) is a tap management and monitoring system for bars and venues that serve beer on tap. A small device monitors the tap, recording all pour activity and Trickle’s software platform automatically reconciles this activity against sales data to help increase revenue from every keg by up to 20% by minimising wastage.

Hospitality businesses can manage rotating beer taps and track every tap pour from one central place with Trickle. To date, Trickle has helped change 6561 kegs that have poured 1,238,133 beers and counting.

Raising awareness of global markets

Over 20 top entrepreneurs and experts share their experiences with founders through ecentre’s Sprint Global incubator programme, which is designed to help accelerate customer acquisition and raise awareness of global markets. 

“We’re looking forward to seeing this year’s graduates build on their successes, as we have seen for previous graduates such as Niesh and Termius, who have secured substantial support and investment following the Sprint programme,” Jackie Young says.

Sprint Global is supported by foundation partners Massey University and Callaghan Innovation, along with a long list of other partners and supporters, including Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development (ATEED), EY and Hudson Gavin Martin. 

Get involved

Ms Young says they will be opening applications for Sprint Global 2020 soon, and encourages other tech-enabled startups to apply, including those in the logistics and supply chain sector. 

For further information on the Sprint Global programme, visit www.ecentre.org.nz/sprint-global

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