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Royal Wolf’s Wolf Lock single lever mechanism makes opening container doors easier, and its tri-locking system provides vault-like security

New easy-open shipping container design in hot demand

Demand for a new style of shipping container with easy-open doors has been so great, the developer has expanded the range and will produce more units to meet orders across Australia and New Zealand.


The Wolf Lock safety container, developed by shipping container specialist Royal Wolf, makes opening container doors easier with a single lever mechanism instead of having to wrestle two heavy handles to open the steel doors.  

Since being released in September 2018, over 800 units have been hired to a wide range of clients across both countries in the construction, retail, events and agriculture sectors. 

“It has performed far beyond our expectations,” says Royal Wolf CEO Neil Littlewood. “The level of interest has meant we have expanded the range to include 10 ft and 40 ft containers, which has helped service the demand. We are currently managing existing stock volumes to meet ongoing orders for both New Zealand and Australia.”

Next-level safety and security

To enhance safety and provide next-level security storage for the construction sector, the Wolf Lock container has been added to Royal Wolf’s building and construction (B&C) range, which also includes products such as hoardings (pedestrian walkways), multi-storey container offices and lunchrooms, toilet blocks, and dangerous goods units. 

Operators only have to use one hand and light pressure to work the new Wolf Lock

“The Wolf Lock has a tri-locking system that provides vault-like security, and unlike traditional containers it can also be opened from the inside if the door closes, or gets closed, accidentally. In terms of safety, this is a significant game-changer,” says Mr Littlewood.

He says that while the Wolf Lock container is also used across other sectors, it is commonly used in construction for the secure storage of valuable work equipment and products that need to be accessed easily and regularly.

“To open a conventional container, you use a twisting motion with two arms and a number of large levers. By comparison, the Wolf Lock allows access through a single lever, which means you only have to use one hand and light pressure to work it. From a workflow and health and safety perspective, the efficiency, strength and easy-to-use nature of the Wolf Lock helps create a highly efficient, safe and robust construction site, which means workers can just get on and get the job done.”

The Wolf Lock container was developed based on feedback from customers and to ensure the company’s continued focus on creating innovative container solutions that help maintain its standing as the market leader.

For further information, visit www.royalwolf.co.nz

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