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With the ability to operate in very narrow aisles in the warehouse – as narrow as 1.6 m – the Aisle-Master articulated forklift increases and maximises storage capacity

New NZ distributor announced for Aisle-Master

Combilift, the Irish manufacturer of the world-renowned Aisle-Master articulated forklift, has appointed an exclusive New Zealand distributor for the Aisle-Master product range.

For those unfamiliar with Aisle-Master it’s an articulated forklift that has dual capabilities. Aisle-Masters can operate in aisles as narrow as 1.6 m and lift to heights of up to 15 m, making it an extremely efficient machine for optimising space. In addition, they can be utilised equally efficiently as a standard counterbalance forklift for loading and unloading trucks and general pallet movements. 

They are available in electric and LPG variants and have a reputation for high-quality design, engineering and build quality.

Under the terms of the agreement signed by Combilift Ireland and Aisle-Master NZ, Aisle-Master NZ takes on the exclusive distribution of the Aisle-Master range to current resellers of the product, and will also sell directly to end-users who do not have an existing supply relationship with a reseller. 

Enquiries to Aisle-Master NZ for information on Aisle-Master products and services, advice on potential Aisle-Master applications on new and existing sites, and of course quotes for sales or leasing, will be actively handled by Combilift Ireland’s New Zealand representative David Edmonds. David is based in Auckland and covers the whole country for sales and advice. He works closely with the Aisle-Master NZ team to ensure a smooth and easy process for Aisle-Master clients, from the initial enquiry to final delivery and commissioning onsite.

Aisle-Master NZ also takes on responsibility for product support and warranty. There will be a comprehensive parts holding in New Zealand, allowing a rapid response to a vehicle off-road situation, and also technical advice and support for both Aisle-Master NZ’s own service agents throughout the North and South Islands and for resellers’ service teams. 

Joint venture

Aisle-Master NZ is a joint venture company formed by Auckland’s Northern Forklifts (NFL) and The Independent Forklift Company (TIFL) based in Christchurch. Aisle-Master NZ will operate as the importer and distributor of Aisle-Master, placing all factory orders and coordinating shipping and arrival into New Zealand, and contracting assembly and pre-delivery checks to NFL for North Island orders or TIFL for machines landing in Christchurch.

NFL and TIFL will also provide all after-sales service for machines sold direct by Aisle-Master NZ from their own branches in each island and through a service agent network. Aisle-Master users who purchase from another reseller will be able to continue to enjoy support from their chosen supplier who will also benefit from the overall product support available from Aisle-Master NZ.

Aisle-Master NZ director Dexter Hyland says he and his fellow directors are delighted to have signed the agreement with Combilift and believe that it signals the beginning of an increase in the impact and presence of the Aisle-Master product range in New Zealand.

“It’s a great opportunity for us as the distributors of Aisle-Master to improve the whole Aisle-Master experience for all users,” he says. “Until now, Aisle-Master sales and service in New Zealand were somewhat fragmented with individual resellers operating independently of each other and without any defined channels of communication with the factory. By and large, they’ve done a great job of selling the product and supporting their clients, and Aisle-Master NZ is keen to see that continue alongside Aisle-Master NZ’s own network.”

Narrow-aisle performance

Mr Hyland says that the fact that resellers have been working individually has meant that the Aisle-Master product has not enjoyed widespread and coordinated marketing. “We believe that there are many businesses in New Zealand who have either existing or planned warehousing and storage sites where capacity could easily be doubled by employing Aisle-Master technology,” he states. 

“The sad thing is that many of these people don’t know about Aisle-Master and its amazing narrow-aisle performance, so it’s now our job to present the benefits of Aisle-Master to all sectors of New Zealand business that have an interest in efficient materials handling and storage.” 

Aisle-Master NZ will be actively marketing the Aisle-Master range directly with the help of Combilift’s David Edmonds, and through resellers throughout the country, including NFL and TIFL. Mr Hyland says they are also keen to continue working with other existing forklift supplier resellers and will welcome enquiries from any forklift company who would like to offer Aisle-Master to their own clients. 

“As the Aisle-Master distributor we’re looking to work with people rather than compete for the same customer when we both have the same product. The objective is to increase Aisle-Master market penetration overall and we recognise the reseller role in achieving this aim,” he says.

Product information

Aisle-Master NZ can also supply the Combilift four-way-directional forklift range, although they are assuming a distribution role for this production and will simply be a reseller for the factory.

Aisle-Master NZ is in the process of setting up a website and contact phones, and Mr Hyland says that at the present time it’s recommended that the Combilift Ireland website is the best channel for initial product information and any email enquiries to the website will be redirected to Aisle-Master NZ. 

Alternatively, customers can contact Aisle-Master NZ directly (contact details below). And of course anyone who has an existing supplier should contact them as normal.

For further information, contact David Edmonds on 021 390 535 or david.edmonds@combilift.com or call Dexter Hyland at NFL on 021 739 108 or Todd Kraiger at TIFL on 021 228 0011

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