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A CILT NZ robotics forum in April in Christchurch is open to anyone interested in how robots, drones, blockchain and automation are affecting the transport and logistics industry

Robotics and the future for logistics and transportation

The Southern Section of the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport (CILT NZ) is hosting a robotics forum in April which is open to anyone interested in what robots, drones, blockchain and automation hold for the future of warehousing, logistics and transport.


To be held in Lecture Theatre E8 at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch on the afternoon of Thursday 12 April, the forum will hear from a number of presenters on topics as diverse as exponential technologies and robotics, the legal aspects of a robotic future, especially artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain and its implications for contracts, industrial drones and their applications, and trends in warehousing robotics and automation. 

Engineering students from the University of Canterbury will also showcase the work they are currently undertaking as part of their robotics studies. 

Nicole Timney, chair of the Southern Section of CILT NZ, says the forum will be of interest to a wide range of industry leaders, and encourages those who are not already members of CILT NZ to come along to meet other members; the forum will conclude with drinks and a networking session until 7pm.

For reservations and payment details, contact Chris Gunn: email clangunn@snap.net.nz

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