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SeaLink Logistics has a new fleet of trucks, trailers and vans to complement its ferries

SeaLink launches new
logistics service

SeaLink, the indispensable link from Auckland to the islands of Waiheke and Great Barrier, is now operating all its freight services under the SeaLink name.

The SeaLink Group’s logistics arm had previously been known as Freightlink Cartage, but effective Monday 23 April was relaunched as SeaLink Logistics. The group’s ferry service continues to operate under the SeaLink name.

“Using the SeaLink name for all our operations was a no-brainer really,” says Mark Gibson, CEO of SeaLink. “It makes it easier for customers to understand what our business is. We operate one supply chain – passengers, vehicles and freight.”

The company operates five vehicle ferries that move passengers, vehicles and freight between Half Moon Bay and the Wynyard Quarter to the Hauraki Gulf islands, with around 6000 return trips a year to Waiheke and about 200 return sailings annually to Great Barrier. The company provides Waiheke and Great Barrier with all their essential freight services.

SeaLink Logistics will ship freight for the major building suppliers, supermarkets and breweries with outlets on the islands, as well as many smaller businesses. The ferries maximise volumes both ways, and in return will transport island produce, recycling and even rubbish off the islands.

Upgraded fleet

The company is also upgrading much of its vehicle fleet at the same time as it renames its freight operation. Sixteen new vehicles (including trucks and trailers) valued at over $1 million will provide the wide variety of services to the companies that do business on the islands. They will all appear in the striking red SeaLink livery in the coming months.

“Several of our fleet were due for replacement,” says Mr Gibson. “They don’t have the easiest life, being regularly exposed to saltwater spray on the trips to and from the islands, so a new, more reliable fleet will be great for our operations.”

The new fleet includes new curtainsider trucks, a fridge truck, new tractor units, a crane truck and a long-wheel-base Mercedes Sprinter van. There are also seven new trailers to come. Each vehicle will be fitted with modern tracking technology for complete supply chain monitoring and traceability.
Previously known as Freightlink Cartage, the group’s logistics operations are now known as SeaLink Logistics

Full freight service

SeaLink Logistics will continue to offer the same full freight service to the islands that Freightlink Cartage has provided, with the same staff. “Customers can deliver freight to our East Tamaki warehouse for us to transport to the islands, or for Waiheke customers we can pick up from around the Auckland area,” says Mr Gibson.

The Springs Road depot in East Tamaki will be upgraded between June and September – the operation’s low-peak months – to create an even more efficient operation for the consolidation of freight before it is dispatched to the Half Moon Bay and Wynyard Wharf ferry facilities.

On Waiheke, SeaLink Logistics can provide a door-to-door delivery service, or customers can pick goods up from its Tahi Road depot in Ostend.

SeaLink Logistics also contracts to other freight companies who have goods bound for Waiheke or Great Barrier, but do not want to provide the ‘last mile’ of delivery.

Fast and reliable

SeaLink New Zealand has been providing safe, fast and reliable services for vehicles, passengers, freight, heavy road machinery and bulk supplies to Waiheke and Great Barrier Islands, and contracted services to other Hauraki Gulf islands, since 1960. 

Started by the Subritzky family and previously known as Subritzky Shipping Services, the company was the first to operate a self-propelled vehicle ferry to Waiheke Island. Subritzky Shipping was sold to SeaLink in 2004 and the company began operating under that name the following year. Today the company is fully New Zealand owned.

SeaLink will continue to operate up to 17 return trips a day between Half Moon Bay or Wynyard Wharf and Kennedy Point, Waiheke, including a special dangerous goods service. There are return trips to Great Barrier Island up to five times a week in summer and three times a week in winter.

For further information, visit www.sealink.co.nz

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