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Rollout of the new LED street lights in Wellington has already begun, and is expected to be completed city-wide by mid to late year

Wellington’s bright idea

Wellington City Council is installing 14,500 eco-friendly LED street lights across the city in a bid to lower energy consumption and to improve public safety.


The new energy-efficient street lights are expected to reduce Wellington city’s street light energy bill from $684,000 a year to a projected $225,000.

Councillor Chris Calvi-Freeman, council portfolio leader for transport strategy and operations, says that alongside cost savings, safety is a key consideration in the city’s shift to LED street lighting.

“As well as appearing brighter, the LED street lights’ colour allows the human eye to better distinguish shapes at greater distances. If you’re a pedestrian crossing the road at night, this is very important,” he explains.

“And it’s not just a lower energy bill that will help save the ratepayer money; the LED street lights are more robust and last significantly longer than the current lights. This will lead to fewer outages and much lower maintenance and replacement costs.”

Remote control

Another key feature is the lights can be remotely dimmed and brightened through a central control system. They can also self-report faults and be set up on installation to direct light only where it is needed, Chris Calvi-Freeman explains.

Rollout of the new LED street lights has already started in Miramar, Paparangi and Khandallah, and is expected to be completed city-wide by mid to late year. The full cost of the wider project is estimated to cost $17 million, which will largely be funded by a subsidy of up to $14.5 million from the New Zealand Transport Agency.

Watch a video of the project here

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